Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Night Walker

Night Walker lives in a huge secret layer under the sewer.  It has machine guns and a hi-tec car that can turn into a jet & a motorbike, it also can turn into a speed boat.

He has a 44 magnum and a lever action shotgun on his back and he has a black coat and black rocket boots.  He has an emerald hand that shoots tiny lasers and missiles.  He’s got grey jeans.  He’s got a grey falcon on his chest and mega sharp claws coming out of his knuckles and a mexican moustache.  He wears a bright white hat and a black mask that covers around his eyes.

He can be nice and he can also be mean, he likes to work a long ?.  He gets annoyed when people mess up the plan.  He does’t get that much rest because he only works at night, he sleeps half the day.

Night Walker likes to fly around the galaxy and also the world,  The main thing he likes to destroy out of ? buildings, he also likes to shoot all his snipers, machine guns and also shot guns.