Thursday, November 12, 2015

Calendar Art

WALT present a piece of art work for our parents to buy.
Success Criteria
  • Take our time, show patience (GRIT)
  • Plan our piece of artwork
  • Take care with the painting and dyeing
  • Research for our inspiration
  • Explain the steps you took to make your artwork on your blog
  • How do you feel about your artwork?  
  • What was  a challenge?

                     Calendar art
For our calendar art we did footprint art and hand print art and I did R2D2 of star wars . I did a red background,  it took me 2 days to finish R2D2. I had to do some details on R2D2  and write  R2D2 on the side to put more detail in R2D2.  We had to do a draft first, then we had to do a good copy. After we did the good copy Mrs Miller had to print the hand print art and footprint art on a smaller piece of paper. The challenging thing about my calendar art was to write R2D2 on the side.

 This is what my R2D2 looked like when it's done.
SAM_6721 (1).JPG

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  1. Good job Jaden, you had to show patience to get this done.