Friday, March 17, 2017

special place

My special place
  1. The view
  2. How long the walk is
  3. hunting
  4. The way to get up there is a rally track

My special place very high its 7000 feet that's like 10,000 of me stacked over and over again. And it’s very quiet all you can is the animals talking and the wind blowing past. The water flowing down the stream. This place is very foggy in the mornings and very hot in the afternoon. it's rains a lot especially In the winter. The view is beautiful as a butterfly flying into the sunset .  

The dumb thing about it takes hours to get to the very top of the mountain.
You can take a helicopter to the top or bike but that would be exhausting. But it's all worth it because there's a amazing stream that leads to a pond that has a lot of trout and eels,crayfish and there's a lot of frogs.

The place is also really good for hunting for rabbits pigs red stag and sometimes there's fallow deer. What use to go hunting with is 270 short mag which very loud without a silencer it's about is loud as a concert  Blasting music into your ears. and we all so use is a 17hmr for rabbits.

On the way to my special place is a rally track which is really cool because you can see the drifts and crashes that happened when they did the race. It's really fun to go down on the bikes because
There's lots of loose gravel.