Friday, May 22, 2015

Clash of Clans - Week 5

Clash of Clans is a fun game that you can get on any device.
Image result for clash of clans troopsImage result for clash of clans
The troops are the p.e.k.a, hog rider barbarians, archers and dragons and  many more.
You can upgrade your town hall and get new things like cannons,  wizard  towers and crossbows.  
You can cheat and battle other people's villages.   Image result for clash of clans troops
You can also get the Barbarian Kings and Archer Queens. 
The point of this game is that you need to protect your village from other people and goblins.


  1. Hi Jaden, I agree clash of clans is a fun game. It is true you have to protect your village from goblins and other people. I am only new to that game so I only got Barbarians and Archers (That new). Everything is true in that little story of yours, Well done

  2. amazing!!! I like hale you told us that you can upgrade, your town hall and you might go back to blogger and, say that you need to get dark elisa, so you can get the barbarian king and archer queen.

  3. Wow Jaden I like how you really described the game because you really have to try hard to protect you'r village.

  4. Did you know that P.E.K.A stands for Powerful Enchanted Knights Armor?!?