Friday, November 24, 2017

my first time riding a bike

i think 5 or 4 when i first ride my bike it was in my backyard riding around and. One day I was riding bike with training wheels well that's what i thought was on my bike. But my mum took the training  wheels off and i was riding with out training wheels i ride around my tramp and stopped and i said"mum did you see that" and she said you did know there was no training wheels on the bike and that's the story of how i ride a bike .

Friday, November 17, 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


This is my Asian giant hornet I made with newspaper and paper machete, the wings are made out of cardboard.

The  learning muscle I used was imaging muscle because I needed imagine what it would look like when I am fished.

The most challenging thing was making the body because we had to make the body out of news paper and scrunch it up to the right size.

The Asian giant hornet aka (yak killer)is a type of hornet ,they look like a wasp but 10 times bigger. It has huge mandibles (mandibles are the big jaws on there head)that are used for eating their prey and a 6mm long stinger for defence. It's yellow and black colouring makes look like a regular wasp but when you get closer you can the huge mandibles and huge body. It has furry legs and big compound eyes. Asian giant hornets can reach speeds up 25mph. It is the biggest hornet in the world and it can kill over 42 people in over a 12 months/year .

Thursday, September 14, 2017

calendar art 2017

What is this art? This art is a silhouette art the silhouette are mountain biking,hunting,basket ball,parkour. 

How I made it? I got a piece of paper and drawed some silhouettes on it. And put the silhouette on the black paper. And then I drew a pattern on some carted paper and coloured the paper. With some pastels and smaching then on some of the white spots on the paper. And then I glued the silhouette's on the coloured paper.  

What learning muscle did i use?
I used my persevering muscle because i had to persevere to get my work done.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank you letter

Hastings 4122     24/05/2017
Parkvale school
Howard street
Room 6
Dear jeff
THANK YOU: Jeff for coming to camp.

Thank you: jeff for coming to camp and giving up your time to help us with all the activities at camp.

MY highlights: were when isaiah couldn't  pop the balloon in the amazing race,And caving it was so cool seeing the huge weta and spiders, and shimmying across the bat poo. And my other highlight was kayaking it was kinda annoying because cruze keep on ditch me on the other side of the lake I had to jump in and swim to cruze.

Fact: the fact that i learnt at camp there was a man there named Michael noonan. Who was in nz wars and was shot I the head with the musket ,and his head was blowing off. The end