Monday, May 4, 2015

Hunting - Week 2

Hunting is a type of sport for shooting range. If you don't know what hunting is, you shoot animals for prizes and also for food. 
If you don't like animals getting hurt I suppose don't read this. 
The biggest stag I've ever seen in real life is a 15 pointer that my brother shot. 
Image result for huntingDuck shooting season is when we hunt ducks for food. Image result for huntingImage result for huntingImage result for hunting guns

Image result for hunting

This a 12 Gauge shot gun.
Dogs are also used for duck shooting.
Here are some guns names -   410, 308, 22slug gun, lever action, 4 Gauge and rifle.


  1. Hi Jaden, looking at a 15 pointer must have been an amazing experience. I couldn't believe how many ducks your family got in the weekend for the opening of the duck season.

  2. Jaden you are a hunting expert

  3. WOW Jaden you have put a lot of hard work into