Tuesday, February 21, 2017

all about me

What makes me laugh fails and my  dog when she jumped up on the tramp she missed it and fell through the gaps in the tramp
Also my kittens they were standing  and falling asleep at the same time

A fun fact about me is i can back flip 360. And almost double forward flip
Can almost forward flip flat.

My muched loved hobby is hunting and fishing I like to go hunting for red stag,rabbits,pig,ducks,pheasant I also like fishing for kahawai,herring,snapper,sharks,trout,king fish,eels,freshwater crayfish,we use a 17hmr for rabbits a 12 gauge shotgun for ducks and pheasant a 270 short mag

My best memory was when I went on the dirt bike track on a 80cc at Pakawau river. There was a huge side burn that I fell off into the bushes and I burnt my ankle on the exhaust pipe.I also did huge jump over a ramp there.

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