Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sharks - Week 1

Sharks have been around for many years, they have lived through the ice age and when dinosaur were alive.

They were alive before people were alive.

Sharks are meat eaters so they will like to eat fish seals and probable even sharks, also humans
  Great White Sharks live in the Pacific ocean or by islands and countries.

The meglagon also has the name of big tooth.  He has two names.  He is the biggest shark in all existance.  He is 30ft and his jaws are as big as a hotel, if you got eaten by it, it would chop you in half in one bite.  Go to the fin free page to stop people finning sharks for shark fin soup.  Go check the fin free website.


  1. Hi Jaden, thank you for your information about sharks. I didn't know about the biggest shark in existence. You have also given people somewhere else to look to find out about the terrible practise of shark finning. Good job Jaden.

  2. nice explanation of sharks shark finning is mean !!