Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Matariki Reflection - Week 10

Jaden Rakau.JPG
On Monday we did Matariki workshops, the items were rakau, cooking, mural art, sewing gardening, kite making, poi making, carving and weaving Matariki stars. I did the rakau and poi making. Rakau is a Maori stick game that Maori used to entertain each other, this is how you do it. You get two little sticks and you get some Maori music and bang the sticks on the ground and flip them around. With the big sticks it was a game, it was cool. We had to go right and left while they were saying it in maori. 
Next I did poi making - for poi making you needed plastic bags and stuffing and string. You can do the fish tail knot or under & over. Once you did the knots you can get 
newspaper and stick it in the top and tie a knot around it and then put stuffing in a plastic bag. You hide the newspaper with the bag and tie a knot around the bag and cut the bits off the bottom and you got a poi.

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