Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lost in the bush

   LOST IN  the bush-jaden

“Hello! Hello! Wooosh! “What was that” Ok that was creepy i wonder what that was”.  i'm going to go check it out
What is that oh it’s just a bird” I said with relief “!That was

i walk for very long time and then i came across a fence.  jumped  the fence . when i got over the fence i felt hungry and at that moment i realized  that i had a bag on me . I looked inside and found a jacket, water,chips and a rope.  

Wroof wroof I looked behind me and there was a cave. as my feet walked slowly approached the cave there was something had standed up. and walked slowly to me. It started barking at me and walking to me.

When it stop barking it was about 10 cm away from me I petted it and then it sat down and licked me. He standed up and walked back
I looked behind me and there was a big storm I walked back to.
The next morning i woke up and the dog was sitting on my face. i quickly got up and moved him off me. We walked out of the cave

We heard water flowing  not far from here. so me and the dog walked with to the stream. when we got there we saw a house that looked abandoned but there was no way across. But i saw a tree then i had an idea.

I climb up the tree and tied the rope around the tree and swinged across the stream. As soon as i was across i the dog and next to him was a bridge.

After a long walk we finally got to the house and it turns out it wasn't abandoned  house. We knocked on the door and they let us inside and they called my mum and she came and picked me and the dog up. The end

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